Monday, 20 June 2011


I seem to have started many of my last few posts with apologies for not posting for a while, and this one looks to be no different! I've attempted to blog a couple of times over the past few days, but I've got so much to fill you in on that it's been a bit daunting. However, I finally have enough time and energy to get you up to speed on what's been happening in my life over the past few weeks.

  1. Summer is here! I moved back home on Friday for the holidays and won't be going back to Lancaster until (hopefully, barring any resits) at least the end of September or the beginning of October. My exams went as well as could be hoped, so am trying to push the thought of them to the back of my mind until 14th July which is when I get my results. Fingers crossed I will have done well! It also means that I'm finally free of my problem volunteer, here's hoping that I will get some great volunteers next year.
  2. My brother's wedding was last weekend (the 11th). It was a really amazing day and will remembered for being so special and a great big party. I will try and do a dedicated wedding post over the next few days with photos, if anyone is interested?
  3. I go to London for my work experience a week on Saturday. I will be working for three days, so have the rest of the time to do some touristy bits and bobs and hopefully see a show. Any recommendations for places to go to?
  4. I got a position on my student's union for next term - Liberation Campaigns Officer. You might remember me mentioning this a while back and I decided to go for it. I won by over one hundred votes which is pretty amazing considering I don't consider myself very well known. If you're interested in reading my manifesto, take a look at the Facebook event I set up here.
  5. I also mentioned in that post that I was considering applying for a tv thing called Battlefront. I did apply with one of my Trailblazer friends, but I got a call today saying that we weren't chosen. I'm not too disappointed as they had tons of applications and wasn't really expecting to be picked - of course it would have been nice! - but I'm glad we tried, as nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?
Sorry if this post has bored you to death, hehe, and I will hopefully be writing something more interesting soon!

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  1. wow so many great things! it's so lovely now exams and uni are done (for good for me, for a while for you!)


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