About me

My name is Catherine and I'm 20 years old. I was born in Aberdeen, but have spent most of my life living on the Wirral, near Liverpool. 


I'm currently in my second year at Lancaster University, where I live in halls of residence with my three carers. I'm studying for a BA Hons in English Language, hopefully graduating in June 2012. I quite like my degree, but do not enjoy the workload(!) and am looking forward to moving on and pursuing a career. After uni, I hope to work for a charity or campaign group, as I have been volunteering with a disability campaign group for around two years now, and am really passionate about what we do (you can read a little bit about my involvement here).

Outside of term time, I live at home on the Wirral with my dad and older sister. I'm the baby of the family; I also have two older brothers, one of which lives about five minutes from my house, and the other lives in London with his fiancee (they are getting married in June this year - yay!).

In my free time, I love going shopping, socialising with friends, listening to music and watching TV and films. I'm a massive stand-up comedy fan, and frequently go to see my favourite comedians; so far I have seen Dara O'Briain, Rhod Gilbert, John Bishop and Russell Howard, and have booked to see Bill Bailey in November 2011 and Michael McIntyre in November 2012 (yes, I know it's ridiculously far away - but he is just amazing!).

I'm quite a shy person, and like my own company or spending time with a small group of people. However, when I get to know you, my friends say I never shut up! I love making people laugh, and have a bit of a bizarre sense of humour. I hate to upset people, so sometimes keep quiet and put myself out in order to avoid confrontation. I am working on being more assertive, and slowly but surely am getting slightly better (I hope!).

If you have any questions about me, please get in touch!
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