Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Spoon theory

I feel bad that yet again I've not posted in a while, but with revision, exams, wedding prep and more volunteer trouble, I just haven't had the "spoons" to be able to write anything.

"What are spoons?" I hear you ask?

I touched on this briefly early on in my blogging 'career' in my post about defining tiredness but I guess now is a good time to go into it in more detail.

The term "spoons" comes from Christine Miserandino's Spoon Theory in which she talks about her life with Lupus; you should definitely check out this link if you haven't already, it's very insightful and puts into words what a lot of people with chronic disability go through everyday.

For me, I do have to ration my "spoons" to make sure I make it through the day. Even getting a shower, sitting in my wheelchair too long, or just wearing uncomfortable clothes uses up spoons I could be using to go out, read a book, write a blog or any of the other things I enjoy doing. It's definitely a balancing act between making the most of opportunities that come up and enjoying life and making sure that I keep well. For me, if I use up my spoons, or overspend one day then I pay for it with next day's spoons, meaning I'm completely exhausted. Conversely, if I know I have a spoon-intensive day coming up, I'll try and save some up in the days before.

I hope this gives you an insight into my life a little, it's sometimes difficult to explain these things, but I hope I've done it justice. Thanks to Emily Ruth for inspiring today's post; she's also talked about spoon theory from her perspective today, it's a really interesting post and definitely worth a spoon to read it! :)


  1. oh my you do have a lot going on, it's amazing that you can keep up with your blog. Thankyou for sharing and thanks for the link love! This is such a fantastic post! Loved it! Very well written, you've written everything that I wanted to say in my post but couldn't find the words to say... I'm seriously lacking in spoons as of late. It's so good to read about a wheelchair users perspective too. Good luck with your exams hunny! By the looks of things you're studying English Language? That's an awesome subject! I'll pray you have an abundance of spoons to make it through. Bless you!

  2. Your post sums up the spoon idea pretty well, it applies to all disabilities really!


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