Monday, 28 March 2011

Defining tiredness

I've been finding it difficult lately explaining to people that I can't do things sometimes because I am too tired. It is frustrating sometimes, as I'm not sure if they think I am making excuses in order to get out of doing something.

However, then I realised that maybe it's because their definition of tiredness is different than mine. I guess I live with a level of tiredness everyday (some might call it fatigue I suppose) without really noticing it - I know my limits relatively well and that I can only do so many things in one day, unless I want to write off a chunk of the following day. This is my 'normal', but it probably isn't to other people! When I'm too tired to do something, it literally means I'm too physically exhausted to even sit up, whereas I guess for other people it just means that they need to drink a coffee or go to bed an hour early.

It's still hard to try and get that across to some people; I try so hard to be 'normal' and just like everyone else, I suppose sometimes they forget that my body doesn't really play by the same rules as theirs does!


  1. I can completely understand how you feel. People aren't very sympathetic to tiredness really, when they should be as it can really stop you doing things.

    I have tiredness at the moment from my Myotonic dystrophy and pregnancy mixed together.

  2. I get this, it IS a different type of tiredness than what non-disabled people get. I try and explain it to people in terms of the energy bars you get in a computer game. For instance, preparing lunch takes more effort than it would for someone else, or washing and hanging out laundry.

    Your blog is very pretty looking by the way, how did you get it looking like that!?


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