Friday, 1 April 2011

Small things

I've been a little down lately (nothing in particular, just lots of little things building up), so I decided to make a list of all the things that make me smile.

Firstly, the important stuff, which go without saying:

1. My friends. I don't have the biggest group of friends, but the ones I have are amazing, always there to make me smile, listen to me vent and love me for who I am. I'm getting to the point now where I am being more choosy with who I spend time with; in my opinion, life's too short to spend time with negative people, or people who make you unhappy, so I'd rather have a few close mates who make me happy rather than a bunch of people who I don't really 'click' with.

2. My family. I know you can't pick your family, but I think I did pretty well with mine! Sarcastic and mental, but I know they have my back and will support me no matter what I do.

And now for the small things:
  1.  Sunshine. I always feel more upbeat when it's sunny, even if it's not very warm outside. We don't get many sunny days where I live, so we definitely make the most of them!
  2. Sleeping in a freshly laundered bed. I love the smell and feel of clean sheets on my bed and always feel I sleep better, don't know if that's psychological or not?
  3. Hearing an old favourite song on the radio - the cheesier the better! Yes, I'm talking Steps, Spice Girls, S Club 7, Bewitched, Aqua and so on (with dance moves as applicable)!
  4. People watching, making up stories about who people are and what their life is like.
  5. Planning something special (doesn't have to be big or expensive) not too far into the future (like 2 or 3 weeks away) so I have something positive to aim for when I'm finding things tough.
Sorry for the sentimental soppiness, but it has cheered me up! Promise I'll be back to my cynical self next time ;)

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  1. oh sweetie i am feeling down lately too :'( good friends and family are definitely something to make you smile though - and you need to get yourself some of those mr happy shoes! i have had them for ages actually, adidas did a limited edition range of shoes about 6 years ago now...but i reckon you could still nab a pair on ebay or something maybe?
    and YES freshly laundered sheets make me feel better to - especially when combined with newly shaved legs for some reason!


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