Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Today has not been the best day for me. I'm such a procrastinator, but with 3 essays due in the first few weeks of May, the pressure is really starting to get to me. I'm currently struggling my way through essay number 1 (the one due in first, two weeks today) and at the end of play today, I've gone from around 400 to 1039/2000 words. This may sound like a lot to some people but I'm so used to writing around 1000-1500 words a day once I've done all the research needed. I think I've got writer's block!

The worrying thing is though, I don't feel THAT stressed...I don't know if I'm in denial about it all or if I just don't care. I'm so fed up of this degree, I'm so looking forward to next June when it's all over and I can get on with what I want to do in life (hopefully). I really need to knuckle down tomorrow though, I've got quite a lot on this weekend and next week; my brother and fiancee are home this weekend to sort out wedding stuff, some of which I need to go to, Tuesday I am taking my sister to get a dress for the wedding, then Friday I have a royal wedding BBQ at my friend's house and then Sunday I go back to Lancaster. So I have, from today, about 8 days to do around 5000 words, as well as packing to go back to uni....eep!

I had some good news yesterday though. My work experience at Trailblazers in London has been confirmed! I'll be there for the first week in July and I'm really excited for it!

Hope everyone is well and enjoying some sunny weather, it's been really sunny here for the time of year. I just hope it continues for my brother's wedding, as the ceremony is outside!

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