Friday, 13 May 2011

New look!

Ok, this is going to be a bit of a disjointed post today as I have lots of little unrelated bits of information to fill you in about:

  1. New look for my blog - I did like my old layout, but it was just a bit too pink for me to be entirely comfortable with it. I'm quite proud of my new layout as I did a lot of the images and coding myself. I hope you like it too - let me know what you think in the comments!
  2. Blogger broke - I'm sure most of you know Blogger was down half of yesterday and half of today - hence no Tasty Thursday this week (I didn't think Tasty Thiday had the same ring to it!)
  3. Revision - not going fantastically, I'm getting really nervous about my first exam on Monday now...I just hope I don't panic in the exam, then I should hopefully be okay.
  4. My Bipap broke again on Wednesday night - it's been overheating a bit over the past couple of months, I've kept sending it to be fixed but it just keeps doing it again after a couple of weeks - very annoying! Because I use it at night, I can't get anyone out to fix it until the following day, luckily my wheelchair charger uses the same connector so we were able to rig it up to work overnight until I could get the engineer (or Bipap man as I refer to them) to come out and look at it the next morning. I've got another loaner machine to use until mine is fixed, or, hopefully, replaced.
  5. I'm having a few problems with one of my volunteers - I'm meant to be coming back to Lancaster for a week after my brother's wedding to pack up my things and meet with my dissertation supervisor. I'd already moved my end date for her - her mum and stepdad are going on holiday so she needs to be home to look after her grandma. However, her birthday is that weekend, and she said she doesn't want to come back after it, and if she did she would want me to pay her return fare! It was not a lot of money (around £10), so I was going to pay it, but my other volunteer and carer have both told me not to, as she is being out of order - the rules say that the project fund only pay for the journeys at the beginning and end of the project, and the university holidays. I've spoken to my volunteer manager, as has my volunteer (not the one I am having problems with), and hopefully she will sort it. I've already said to her that I need her to come back, but she fobbed me off by saying we need to "discuss" it - what is there to discuss?! I'm just worried she'll freak out (she is quite a confrontational person) that I have gone to the manager behind her back, but I have exams coming up and enough stress to deal with, right? Any thoughts on handling volatile people?
How has your week been?


  1. Catherine, it is lovely and an honor to meet you. Thank you so much for your comment on Dakin's blog. I wish I knew how to help with your volunteer..sheesh. You shouldnt have to deal with dumb people, and it sure looks like this volunteer is one of them.

    BTW, I found your 'guess where Catherine's internal organs are' very funny. I think that you develop a strange sense of humor in situations like this..I will often say something like 'Dakin needs that (whatever it is, a toy, etc.) like he needs another hole in his neck', which I tnk is funny but I am sure no one else does. Ah well.

    Don't give up. I hope you are well and thanks for introducing yourself to us!!

  2. Liking the new blog-look, purple is an awesome colour!

    Also, thank you for the Sunshine award, that was very sweet of you :). I've given you a shout-out here

    Take care!

  3. love the new look! sorry haven't replied to your email yet, will soon. hope the exam went well!

  4. Hello! I noticed you'd made some changes, I like it!! It's quite satisfying sorting these 'techie' things yourself isn't it!

    Sorry to hear you've been having trouble with your volunteer. I hate confrontional situations but always feel it is best to 'suck it up' and sort it out before things get worse. I always think to myself 'what would Rhi do' (a friend of mine who is particularly fiesty and basically doesn't take sh*t off anyone) and try and pretend that I'm her for that ten mins!! :)

    Good luck and let us know what happens!

    Sadie xx


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